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Caran D'Ache Museum Watercolors 18 Lead Set

Caran D'Ache Museum Watercolors 18 Lead Set

The Caran D'Ache Museum Lead set comes with 18 watercolor leads and 1 Fixpencil clutch pencil. The 3.8mm leads are made using more pure color pigments, resulting in bright colors, excellent lightfastness, and superior blending. The bold, highly pigmented colors allow for excellent surface coverage, meaning that they are very economical and perfect for large surface artwork. The museum colors utilize a spectrum color system which includes double primary colors for more accurate color matching and blending (these colors are #240, 530, 350, 070, 640, 670 make up the double primary system). All of the colors are permanent once dry and cannot be rewet. This allows for overlays of color without worrying that your piece will become muddy. However, they are erasable once dry with a polymer eraser. The leads can be sharpened with the sharpener in the cap of the Fixpencil or with sandpaper.

Museum Watercolor Leads can be used in a variety of different ways. You can apply a wet brush directly to your sketch, apply a dry museum lead to a wet surface and sketch, or use a paintbrush to pick up the color directly from the lead.

The 18 colors are: Black, Orange, Yellow Ochre, Brown, Scarlet, Violet, Turquoise Blue, Lemon Yellow, Light Olive, Purplish Red, Payne's Grey, Golden Cadmium Yellow (hue), Genuine Umber, Light Cadmium Red (hue), Dark Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Blue, Phtalocyanine Green, and Bright Green.

Museum Watercolors Color

Caran D'Ache


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